Thursday, March 27, 2008

get crafty

i am not a crafty girl, ask anyone. i make a mean cocktail, but i couldn't knit a scarf to save my life. i leave such things to my fabulous lovelies auburn & ivory and things i heart today. however, i stumbled across a very cool site today that i think you crafty folks out there would love.
if you can't find what you are looking for at ikea or in cyberspace now you can design it and make it yourself. hell, you can even sell it. god speed crafty folk and check out Ponoko.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

your new favorite websites

one of the things i love about my job is that i am surrounded by people who spend most of their time on the interwebs and because of that they know about sites that most haven't found yet. i thought that i would take this opportunity to share some of the many links that i've been exposed to recently in the hopes that i can help make your interweb dreams come true...or at least show you some really cool shit. i will probably do these posts every couple weeks or so as more stuff comes in. so here we go...

Music Stuff:
FoxyTunes Planet is a widget-based search engine for music.

SeeqPod is a playable search site for music as well as video. it allows you to create playlists and then stream them from your computer.

Mp3gle is the new google for audio files. it allows you to search and then listen or download from your results.

Other Stuff:
i love flickr and now i am also in love with FFFFOUND! it's a great source for images that are a art/design based rather than "me and my drunken friends" pics. (not that i don't thoroughly enjoy those)

we all know and love craigslist, but now there is crgslst which is "so web 2.0 we don't need vowels." the new and improved beta site allows you to search craiglist faster and scour multiple cities quickly.

if you are in NYC, broke and/or like to drink these links are for you:
Free NYC
My Open Bar

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

irish debauchery

i'm a bit late with this post, but i always figure that late is better than never. last saturday i went to see The Pogues sold-out show at the Roseland Ballroom. i have to admit that my utter lack of knowledge of irish punk music left me wondering what exactly i would be walking into. i bought tickets as a x-mas gift to "the boy" and he has been extremely excited ever since. i figured at the very least i could drink expensive bud-light out of a plastic cup and laugh at the hordes of drunken irish people trying to mosh to music that involves an accordion. i was more than pleasantly surprised to hear some really awesome music and have since been uploading to my ipod like a mad-woman. the infamous front-man shane mcgowan is renowned for his drunken poetry and he did not disappoint. for the record, any man in a black suit sporting a fedora and wandering on stage with a bottle of wine immediatly gets my attention and respect. the show was awesome and i spent most of it pushing the boy into the mosh pit while bouncing on the edges and avoiding the 350lb guys trying to stage dive. here is a little tid-bit for you to enjoy. one bouncy and one a little less so.

Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues

Misty Morning, Albert Bridge - The Pogues

Monday, March 10, 2008

apparently booze leads to good music

How does a "super-group" begin? In most cases, alcohol is involved, as it most definitely was in this one. Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, chief instigator of this new ensemble, says the world has Lou Barlow to thank for the emergence of The Reindeer Section, for it was at a Barlow gig in Glasgow where Lightbody ran around drunkenly asking people if they would join his band The Reindeer Section. They all said yes, so after sobering up the next day, Lightbody got out the old acoustic guitar and wrote an album's worth of songs.

In case you were wondering what exactly is "super" about the group, here are a few of its 15 or so members: there's Lightbody, who sings and plays guitar, keyboards, and harmonica, his Snow Patrol bandmate Jonny Quinn (drums), Mogwai's John Cummings (guitar), all four members of Astrid, Eva's Jenny Reeve (occasional vocals and violin), Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat (lead vocals on one track), Belle and Sebastian's Richard Colburn (occasional percussion and pigeon noises) and Mick Cooke (trumpet and flugelhorn on one track), Mull Historical Society's makes an appearance, since the album's folky, lo-fi, downbeat flavor is to some extent indebted to his stylistic experiments. It's worth a listen, but just to be safe have a cocktail in your hand when you press play. I've linked one of my favorite songs as my song of the week.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Tapes n' Tapes

Tapes n' Tapes has a new album out in the US on April 8th. Be one of the first people to hear Walk It Off with a free streaming of the entire album. Now off you go you trend-setter you.

nuff said

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