Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Decemberists at Terminal 5

Photo by QuietColor

I've been slacking off a bit with my blog and for that matter with my concert attendance, but on November 5th I celebrated the Obama victory with The Decemberists sold-out show at Terminal 5. The Chef got me tickets for our 1st Anniversary and even though he tends to prefer punk to prose I think he really enjoyed himself. We managed to navigate the crazy crowd and scored a spot on a balcony with a great view of the stage and the floor. Show highlights included the life-size cut-out of Obama that was paraded around the stage, the crowd chanting "Yes we did!" and my favorite was when towards the end of the set Colin jumped into the crowd and grabbed some random girls cell phone. He preceded to call someone (lucky bastard) and sang "Sons and Daughters" at the top of his lungs into the phone. Hilarious.  Here are some fun videos for your enjoyment. 

The Decemberists from Dan-ah Kim on Vimeo.

And here are two songs just for you.