Thursday, March 20, 2008

your new favorite websites

one of the things i love about my job is that i am surrounded by people who spend most of their time on the interwebs and because of that they know about sites that most haven't found yet. i thought that i would take this opportunity to share some of the many links that i've been exposed to recently in the hopes that i can help make your interweb dreams come true...or at least show you some really cool shit. i will probably do these posts every couple weeks or so as more stuff comes in. so here we go...

Music Stuff:
FoxyTunes Planet is a widget-based search engine for music.

SeeqPod is a playable search site for music as well as video. it allows you to create playlists and then stream them from your computer.

Mp3gle is the new google for audio files. it allows you to search and then listen or download from your results.

Other Stuff:
i love flickr and now i am also in love with FFFFOUND! it's a great source for images that are a art/design based rather than "me and my drunken friends" pics. (not that i don't thoroughly enjoy those)

we all know and love craigslist, but now there is crgslst which is "so web 2.0 we don't need vowels." the new and improved beta site allows you to search craiglist faster and scour multiple cities quickly.

if you are in NYC, broke and/or like to drink these links are for you:
Free NYC
My Open Bar

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kristy said...

my "to bookmark" list just got longer...thanks for the tips.