Wednesday, April 9, 2008


one of the (many) things i love about living in NYC is free fridays at MOMA. i took the boy there last week and i must say that i love watching people see the amazing original works of art for the first time, because it makes me see them with new eyes. there is nothing quite like the sound someone makes when they walk into a room and find this. it's like a cross between a gasp and a sigh.
the main reason we braved the tourist masses was actually to see the Design For The Elastic Mind exhibit. one of my favorite pieces of the exhibit was the 3-D printing of sketch furniture. this is a little hard to explain, but basically there is a special pen that you literally draw with in the air. it then goes into a computer and from there to a 3-D printer which creates the piece you drew into a functional piece. VERY COOL. check out the video here.
isn't technology awesome?

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